The Great Transfer of Wealth: It May Not Be What You Think

By Alan Walker
All references are New International Version

Something changed in the spiritual realm with the passing of Bob Jones in February of 2014. Bob’s calling was highly visible in the Kingdom, and we honour him for walking out his purpose with grace, love, and humility. I liken his passing to the death of Moses, and in that sense I believe it is significant for the Church. Like Moses, Bob was able to see the Promised Land from a distance, but was not allowed to enter in.

Deuteronomy 34:1,4-5 says There the Lord showed him the whole land. Then the Lord said to him, “This is the land I promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when I said, ‘I will give it to your descendants.’ I have let you see it with your eyes, but you will not cross over into it.”                                           

When Moses died the children of Israel needed a new leader, and a battle-experienced Joshua was promoted. Today, for the Church to cross the Jordon and take the Promised Land as Bob saw during his lifetime, tested and proven people like Joshua will now come forth to lead. This is the first breakthrough of three that I anticipate coming to the Church and to the world in the next season.

Recently, I had a vision of two Japanese maglev high-speed passenger trains running parallel to each other. They were travelling at 500 kilometers per hour with magnificence and power. Maglev is a method of propulsion that uses magnetic levitation to propel vehicles with magnets.


I believe the first image – a picture of the fastest train ever invented going at maximum speed – represents the largest revival the earth has ever seen. Bob saw this when he prophesied that one billion souls would come to know Jesus. When I recently received the words, “Prepare for the coming move of God. Prepare for revival!” for our local church, the Lord moved Bob’s word from my head to my heart. The expectation and excitement became measurable.

The second train running in parallel to the revival train was seen by Bob in the Promised Land as well. This high-speed picture, I believe, represents the release of supernatural knowledge and wisdom to create new technologies on the earth. Holy Spirit-inspired scientific advances will create supernatural wealth, not just for inventors and their investors, but also for the whole world. The prosperity message of The Great Transfer of Wealth may not look like what the Church has thought in the past.

We can learn from history by looking to the patriarchs to guide our future. Abraham and Sarah were promised a son in their old age. In Genesis 17:4 God tells Abraham, “This is my covenant with you: You will be the father of many nations.” – the Lord’s promise of prosperity. The couple became impatient however, creating a pregnancy through Sarah’s servant, which led to the birth of Ishmael. How often have we settled for God’s second best, rather than trusting in His ways and timing?

In our financial world today, we have often accepted Ishmael-prosperity, when Isaac’s has been promised. A ministry website headline reads, “Your supernatural wealth transfer is coming” with a donate button at the end of the article to “prove to God that you are trustworthy with His money”. This is an example of an Ishmael, missing heaven’s way of thinking.

The phrase “wealth transfer” can be defined as the change of ownership of an asset by purchase using currency or barter, the giving of a gift, theft, or a result of being conquered in war. Is there evidence that we are coming into a time when we will see a glorious transfer of wealth for the preaching of the gospel? Yes, but not in the sense that most believe.

As God’s promise of Isaac being born is fulfilled in the time ahead, our worldview about money will change. In his life, Isaac had something in common with his father Abraham, as well as Joseph who followed years later. He experienced tremendous wealth, but also famine in the land (Genesis 26:1). That is what I believe the technology train is pointing to.

True Isaac-prosperity is about to be created through the release of God’s new technologies. This birth will lead to a prolonged period of supernatural increase caused by the creation of new wealth, not the transfer of wealth. New provision from God will create economic expansion like we have never seen before. This is the second breakthrough.

How might this work? One major innovation that will create new wealth will be an energy replacement for carbon fuels, nuclear energy plants, and solar and wind power. After consumers, businesses, and governments purchase a new EG (energy generator) product, the cost to create energy will become zero. We will become owners of energy instead of renters. This will affect household, business, and government budgets in similar ways.

As individual consumers, we will no longer have to buy gasoline for vehicles, natural gas for heat, or electricity for lighting and air conditioning. A typical personal budget may see over $400 every month freed up for giving, saving, or consuming. Because of reduced energy expenses, businesses will add hundreds of millions of dollars collectively to their bottom lines, allowing room for more job hiring, increased wages, and innovation. Government tax revenues will rise through increased wages and business profits, while their operating expenditures will fall through reduced energy outlays. This will allow for debt to be reduced and some improvement in government services.

Combined, this God-given invention will cause the biggest financial stimulus any advanced world economy has ever experienced in history. Unlike government stimulus, which is based on debt that has to be repaid and is intended to be a short-term adrenaline boost, this will be based on a long-term creation of real new wealth. It is the promise of Isaac being born.

Third world countries will prosper as well, since electrical energy will now enter areas for economic development that could never be reached before. This will result in the advancement of fresh water and food programs, better health care, improved education, and whole new industries.

There will be one more tremendous benefit. As the current combustion engines and power plants that pollute our atmosphere are replaced with new technology, the atmosphere above the earth will begin to heal. In time, global warming will be reversed. EG products will become the ultimate and true clean energy.

What about the Great Transfer of Wealth? To search for answers, let’s look again to the past. In my view, the greatest transfer of ownership of assets in the bible was in Joseph’s time. Pharaoh believed and acted on Joseph’s interpretation of the monarch’s dreams. Seven years of great abundance are coming throughout the land of Egypt, but seven years of famine will follow them. Then all the abundance in Egypt will be forgotten, and the famine will ravage the land Genesis 41:29-30. When famine comes to any nation, food becomes the main focus. Currencies generally fail, and real assets like land and gold become the only tangible property that can change ownership in order to purchase food.

In Joseph’s time, Egypt became the wealthiest nation of its day during the seven years of famine. And all the world came to Egypt to buy grain from Joseph, because the famine was severe everywhere Genesis 41:57. The government thrived in adversity. People sold all of their assets and even themselves as slaves, in exchange for sustenance.  Fourteen years after Joseph interpreted the King’s dream, Pharaoh owned everything and everybody (Genesis 47:13-21).

This wasn’t accomplished through gifts, theft, or the spoils of war. It was an economic exploit that caused the transfer of ownership. The Egyptian government accumulated wealth by not squandering the blessing, using wisdom and action during the seven years of plenty.

During the time of supernaturally created prosperity that I believe is ahead, our goal will be similar to Joseph’s word to Pharaoh: Use the prosperity to prepare for a coming famine. Joseph leaders will emerge to offer spiritually discerned insight to followers of Jesus – households, businesses, and governments alike. The two super-trains of revival and technology will run parallel to each other for a time, seemingly independent. Then they will merge into one. I believe that when the famine comes, however induced, then the Great Transfer of Wealth will take place. That will be the third breakthrough.

Bob Jones saw the promise of revival and technology from a distance, but was not allowed to enter in. Going forward, let’s believe, like Moses, for Joshua leaders to come forth in our time to take us into the Promised Land. Let’s believe, like Abraham, for Isaac to be born, no longer accepting Ishmael prosperity. Let’s believe, like Joseph, that following the path of wisdom and understanding will fulfill the dreams that God has given us. Let’s believe, during this amazing time in history, that we will prosper in the Lord’s plans as they are released to those who love Him.

April 2014.